These are some of the add-ons coming to Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge

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It appears that Microsoft is getting ready to release an early preview build for its Chromium-based Edge web browser soon, as it has just launched the 'Microsoft Edge Insider Addons' website.

This website will allow users to test out add-ons (also known as extensions) for the upcoming release of Edge, which Microsoft has rebuilt to be based on the Chromium engine – like Edge’s biggest competitor, Chrome .

The Microsoft Edge Insider Addons page was spotted by Twitter user WalkingCat , and gives us a hint at what kind of add-ons we can expect to see in the upcoming Chromium Edge.

Add-ons aplenty

Add-ons are installed into web browsers to add extra functionality, such as ad-blocking or password management. Microsoft’s original Edge web browser has been criticized by its lack of add-ons, especially compared to its rivals Firefox and Chrome.

By moving Edge to the same engine as Chrome, many hoped that this would mean that Edge would benefit from Chrome’s large collection of add-ons, and it appears that has indeed happened.

The website lists the add-ons in the following categories:

  • Adblockers and password managers
  • Education
  • Social and entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Productivity
  • For Developers

While it gives us a hint of what add-ons are coming to Chromium-based Edge (as these add-ons don’t work in regular Edge), the existence of the website also gives us a hint that Microsoft could be launching an early version of Chromium Edge soon for us to try out.

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