TechRadar Deals: Amazon is offering £10 off any order of £50 or more… for today only

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TechRadar Deals: Amazon is offering £10 off any order of £50 or more... for today only

Amazon is offering all UK customers the chance to save £10 on any order worth £50 or more from now until the end of the day .

Using the code BIGTHANKS at the checkout, you can use the code once per person and it applies to all of Amazon’s own retail items, which rules out Amazon Marketplace stuff and things like Amazon Prime sign-ups .

Still though, if you’ve been stalling on that New Year purchase, today could be a good day to treat yourself, and most major items are available from Amazon direct anyway.

Use code BIGTHANKS to save £10 at Amazon

Why is Amazon being so generous? It wants to drum up a bit of publicity for the fact that it’s just been ranked top in a Customer Satisfaction survey run by the thrillingly-named Institute of Customer Service.

If there’s a little bell ringing in the back of your mind, it’s probably because Amazon ran this exact offer with the same voucher code for a very similar reason back in August .

“We are grateful to customers for ranking Amazon #1 in customer satisfaction in the UK,” said Amazon UK’s managing director, Christopher North. “We are constantly working to improve the overall experience we provide for our customers and set ever higher standards.”

The offer also excludes: baby formula (obviously), digital products (Audible audiobooks, videogame downloads etc), gift cards, delivery charges and small furry creatures from the Crab Nebula.

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