OnePlus 7 tipped to launch alongside the alleged OnePlus 7 Pro on May 14

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The OnePlus 7 has been tipped to launch on May 14. If the rumours are to be believed, the company will launch two new smartphones next month, where the OnePlus 7 Pro will be a new addition to the lineup. 

Those who follow smartphones might already know that OnePlus is gearing up for the launch of its next smartphone. But the launch may take place sooner than expected as tipster Ishan Agarwal claims that the global launch will take place on May 14. Agarwal claims that the global launch will take place on May 14. 

Here’s the tweet Ishan shared- 

A shot in the dark?

The tipster has a decent history of predictions in the past. He has given quite a few on-point leaks about the Pixel 3 and OnePlus last year. Recently, he also shared information on the existence of three separate upcoming OnePlus handsets. 

However, the latest leak comes barely as a claim from the tipster. He might be correct this time as well, but there’s no concrete evidence to be believed. Hence, we’re taking this with a grain of salt until some more details come in.

Agarwal hasn’t confirmed the venue, time and details about the India launch. But our sources at OnePlus have dropped hints at having both the events on the same date. So the India launch might take place on May 14 too. 

OnePlus 7 is one of the highly anticipated devices of the year, and we all know that the makers are not very good at keeping secrets. We have been a tab on all the OnePlus 7 leaks and rumours, read everything we know about the OnePlus 7 to know more. 

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