Google’s updated iOS app pulls in YouTube videos, menus & more

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Google’s latest update to its iOS app is out, and it includes a few changes that mean searchers won’t need to leave the app as often as in the past.

Here’s the three-part bullet list from Google’s release notes:

  • Watch Youtube videos right in your feed — instantly play YouTube videos from cards in your feed. No need to open a new web page or the YouTube app.
  • See rates and booking info in search results for hotels
  • Open restaurant menus instantly from restaurant search results; no need to load an external web page.

An example of the restaurant menu experience is shown above; although the initial screen (on left) shows that the menu is from the restaurant’s website, clicking that link shows the menu right in the app (on right). Credit is given to the restaurant’s website at the top, but I’m seeing that menu without actually visiting the restaurant’s website.

This is version 22.0.0 of the Google iOS search app and it’s available now .

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