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Google has announced something that'll bring a sigh of annoyance to anyone who uses its mobile apps: a raft of new and exciting ads.

According to The Verge , these will include 'gallery' ads, which you can scroll through (think the shopping ads on Facebook that present all kinds of products you didn't know you didn't want), ads on Google's mobile homepage, and ads interspersed between news stories in the Discover feed. 

YouTube will get some attention too, with new ads slipped in between recommended videos.

These new ads are only destined for mobile screens and are only being rolled out in a few locations for the time being, but if you're one of the 'lucky' few chosen for testing, you'll definitely notice.

May I have your attention please…

So far, much of Google's advertising is text-based, but the company says gallery ads will become widespread later this year.

It's in keeping with the more visual nature of Google search results, which now include thumbnails of movie posters, game covers, actors and musicians when you search for something related.

Unlike Facebook's gallery ads, Google's efforts are also likely to be relevant to your interests, rather than strange recommendations for water bottles, cat carriers and rain ponchos. So that's a plus.

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