Gmail's right-click menu is getting turbo-charged with a host of new features

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Gmail's web interface is getting a major boost, with a new right-click menu that will give you a host of new ways to manage your messages.

The right-click menu (which you can also access by long-pressing on a touchscreen) currently offers three options: 'Archive', 'Mark as read' and 'Delete'. That's a pretty paltry selection considering how feature-packed the menus are in other web apps like Google Drive and Calendar.

According to a post on the G Suite Updates blog, that's all about to change, with an expanded menu that adds reply and forward options, plus the ability to mark messages as unread, move them, and add labels.

The new context menu also gives you quick access to the snooze feature that was added to Gmail with its major overhaul in April 2018.

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The new right-click menu will come to G Suite (i.e. business) users first, starting this week. Google hasn't announced dates for a full roll-out to all users, but if past experience anything to go by, we can expect to see the new menu in all inboxes within a month or so.

Unlike last year's total overhaul of Gmail's web interface, which users had to opt into, the new menu will be activated by default straight away. 

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